They belong to a group of ten exceptional pink hybrid rhododendrons chosen by the Rhododendron Advisory Group. – Discounted admission to select partner events. It was a small way to say thank you for the efforts…. Ubiquitous in Northwest gardens, the traditionally grown Rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs best known for their spring bloom, but I’d like to take a moment to extol the virtues of varieties selected for their attractive foliage. With thousands of rhododendron hybrids to choose from, the task of making a selection can be overwhelming. Photograph by Bill Heller. Late-season interest continues when the temperatures drop: its dark green leaves turn a wonderfully rich dark mahogany. ‘Fred Peste’ However, if you live where soils are alkaline, it is probably best to choose another plant or grow the rhododendron in a container. ‘Rosa Mundi’ The group’s first efforts resulted in the creation of a rainbow collection of hybrid rhododendrons featuring pink, yellow, red, purple, and bicolor flowers. Organic fertilizers are a bit more costly, but are released slowly and need to be applied less frequently than chemical fertilizers. In the Pacific Northwest, as the spring season is warmed by the sun, rhododendron flowers burst forth in shades of soft pink, clear yellow, brilliant red, and deep violet—rainbow colors that saturate the landscape and dazzle the eye. ‘Markeeta’s Prize’ Seattle, WA, Rick Peterson This territory extends along the coastal region from British Columbia through Washington, Oregon and northern California. Over 100 Varieties of Rhododendrons and Azaleas Rainier Rhododendrons offers over 100 varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas including species, hybrid and dwarf rhododendrons. Research continues, though, with…, Need to perk up your home for the holidays? Winsome 2-3’, bright pink. Plants do best in partial shade or dappled shade, especially those with large leaves. Whidbey Island, WA, Frank Fujioka ‘Ken Janik’ with rosy pink buds opening to pink and ‘Yaku Princess’ in pure white are some of the widely available cultivars. ‘Blue Boy’ The flowering shrub grows along the coast of California, Oregon, Washington, and into British Columbia. ‘Vulcan’s Flame’, ‘Anah Kruschke’ See more ideas about Rhododendron, Flowers, Shades of yellow. While some may complain of an overuse of this beautiful shrub, there is no avoiding the fact that rhododendrons continue to be popular and well loved. ‘Peter Alan’, ‘Elsie Watson’ There you will find photographs, fact sheets, selection criteria, and current evaluation reports. Indeed, rhododendrons are one of the most popular shrubs grown in Pacific Northwest gardens, where the generally mild climate favors a wide range of species and cultivars. Sign up for a free trial and get access to ALL our regional content, plus the rest The plants you encounter at a local nursery will more than likely not be of a native variety. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. Don’t let this shrub’s mouthful of a scientific name (Rhododendron degronianum subsp. ‘P. Exceptional midseason and later flowering red selections include Rhododendron ‘Fred Peste’, ‘Markeeta’s Prize’, ‘Skookum’, and the sibling hybrids ‘Vulcan’ and ‘Vulcan’s Flame’. yakushimanum, Zones 5–8) scare you off. Click here to see a list of the Rhododendrons and Azaleas that we ordered for 2020. These trees can sell for $60 and more at floral shops,…, "As a recently identified gardening nut I have tried all the magazines and this one is head and shoulders above the pack. Are you sure you want to delete your notes for this recipe? Our lead image features three wonderful examples of compact varieties of this extremely useful evergreen shrub. They are a wonderful addition to any Northwest Washington garden. Federal Way, WA. The prolific flowers of R. ‘Fantastica’ are deep rose shading inward to a white throat. Starting in early to mid-spring, this medium-size shrub puts on a spectacular show of small lavender-purple trusses. ‘Horizon Monarch’ It looks great en masse under a specimen tree, interplanted in rock gardens, or as a small-scale evergreen hedge. In the Pacific Northwest the rhododendron is ubiquitous in both public and private gardens. The other 2 species will be discussed in the section on deciduous shrubs. Noyo Brave 2-3’, bright pink, adorable foliage. ‘Edith Bosley’ Although quite hardy when full-grown, rhododendron and azalea initially require an ideal growing environment and watering schedule for the best chance of survival. Kristi O’Donnell (chair) They also require a slightly acid soil. Larger Tough Rhododendrons: Anah Kruschke 8-10’, purple – VERY tough The Pacific Northwest has one of the finest rhododendron growing climates in the country. Bicolor Hybrid Rhododendron Collection ‘Elsie Watson’ ‘Fantastica’ ‘Hachmann’s Charmant’ ‘Manda Sue’ ‘Naselle’ All selections in the Great Plant Picks have been chosen for their suitability in USDA hardiness zones 7 and 8, which covers most of the Pacific Northwest, west of the Cascades. Your local nursery should carry these tough, beautiful rhododendrons, or you can order them online. Ciscoe Morris is well known in the Pacific Northwest. About 30 species are native to North America; the Pacific Northwest is home to only 5 species; two of which (Kamcahatka Rhododendron, R. camtschaticum and Lapland Rosebay, R. lapponiocum) are small prostrate shrubs from Alaska or Northern British Columbia. ‘Hachmann’s Charmant’ Tropical Late-Season Interest for the Northwest, 7 Easy Fruit Trees to Grow Right in Your Own Backyard, Traveling Plants | Letter from the Editor, A Fool and His Garden | Letter from the Editor, Dahlias Don’t Ask Much | Letter from the Editor, It’s Just Business | Letter from the Editor. Hence, the western coast of Britain and Scotland and the coastal Pacific Northwest of North America have close to ideal conditions. Jul 14, 2018 - Rhododendron flowers are available in many shades of yellow that brighten up your garden landscape. ‘Manda Sue’ Rhododendron ‘Naselle’. He appears regularly on TV and radio. Whether big or small, all rhododendrons require acidic, well-drained, and humus-rich soil; even, year-round moisture due to their fine fibrous root system; and part-shade/morning-sun exposure for best health and growth. We seek out unique and popular varieties of rhododendrons and azaeleas. As such they perform best when the soil is acidic (with a pH between 4.5 and 6.0). The Pacific Northwest naturally has soil with low pH because of copious rain, but much of the area has heavy clay soil, so mixing compost to the bed before planting is advised. The climate of the U.S. Pacific Northwest region, especially between the Cascade Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, is very accommodating to the growth of many types of rhododendron hybrids and species. In the first installment of the Great Plant Picks for 2005, appearing in the last issue of Pacific Horticulture, Carolyn Jones presented the trees, shrubs, conifers, vines, and perennials that have been recommended by the GPP committee. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. O~ing to the warmth of the Japanese … ‘Azurro’ However, those rhododendrons growing in poor soil need feeding. ‘Odee Wright’, ‘Double Winner’ To quench a gardener’s thirst for this royal color, the Advisory Group recommends Rhododendron ‘Anah Kruschke’ (reddish purple), ‘Azurro’ (bright purple), ‘Edith Bosley’ (deep purple), or ‘Peter Alan’ (rich orchid with reddish shading), all with a darker eye. Rhododendrons and Azaleas in Bloom General Rhododendron Care Rhododendrons and azaleas are a must-have for many gardens in the Pacific Northwest. What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? R. ‘Elsie Watson’ and ‘Hachmann’s Charmant’ have somewhat similar coloring, with a picotee edge of red purple and a white center; the former has a small maroon star in the center, whereas the latter has a large maroon blotch. Don’t plant too deep as this may damage or kill the plant. Tiny-leaved alpine and dwarf species are best in bright sun. But there over 900 species of rhododendron and countless more thousands of hybrids that are not native to this area. Vancouver area, of British Columbia, though most of this should apply to the Pacific Northwest which has similar climate. Reliable Rhododendron Species for Pacific Northwest Woodland Gardens Rudolph Henny, Brooks, Oregon This paper was prepared by our Bulletin Editor shortly before he passed away, for presentation before the Seattle Chapter, but was never given. Wild Pacific Rhododendron, also called coast rhododendron, is a beautiful native shrub of the Pacific Northwest that starts to bloom in late April and early May on low elevations to late May and late June on higher elevations in the mountains. As the bloom season winds down in early June, it signals a perfect time to groom and prune your rhododendrons to keep them from outgrowing their space. They will thank you with spectacular colors and foliage just like their larger cousins. Here is a vigorous plant which typifies all that is good about rhododendrons. Photograph by Al Dodson. ‘Nancy Evans’ With all the bad that occurred, one positive for the staffers at FG was more time spent in our…, The main problem with many of the dwarf fruit trees available is that the fruit they produce rarely matches up to that of their full-size counterparts. Rhododendrons (Rhododendron spp. However I am certainly not an expert, so what follows should be taken with a very large grain of salt, fertilizer. RHODODENDRONS IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST BY HERBERT IHRIG Ghairman, Rhododendron Committee Arboretum Foundation Seattle, Washington THE greatest area in America for growing rhododendrons is the Pacific Northwest. Rhododendron ‘Horizon Monarch’. Their topsides are typically covered with white hairs, while the bottoms are covered with hairs from white to rich tawny. Rhododendrons require moist, acidic soil that drains well. This plant grows quickly to form a very large, densely foliaged, well shaped … ‘Vulcan’ Jason Jorgensen is a landscape designer in Seattle, Washington. Whidbey Island, WA, Richie Steffen In horticultural circles today, form and texture are much ballyhooed in landscape design; yet, flower color will always have a powerful allure—much like the mythical Siren’s song. Your support is critical to our continuing and future programs. The best time to prune these plants is soon after flowering, so not to interfere with flower bud formation for the following year. In early to mid spring, it bears a profusion of small clusters of light violet-purple flowers which contrast beautifully with aromatic foliage. Mr. President, Members of the American Rhododendron Society. Climate: The damp, mild climate of the Pacific Northwest is perfect for growing azaleas or rhododendrons; while growing in colder climes, especially the Northeast, can be a challenge. Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden Scarlet Wonder 3’ red, lovely habit. Given the number of cultivars available, narrowing down the “best for the Northwest” list was no small assignment. Other midseason selections are R. ‘Horizon Monarch’ with scarlet buds opening to large, pale, green yellow flowers, ‘Odee Wright’ with deep clear yellow blossoms, and ‘Nancy Evans’; the last has the most complex coloring with orange red buds opening to amber yellow flowers, becoming a rich golden yellow while retaining some of the amber hues on the outer edge. Daintiest of the group is R. ‘Manda Sue’, with shell pink petals that are scalloped and edged with red. Rhododendron Species Foundation Rhododendron ‘Mrs Furnivall’ is a stunning, mid-spring showpiece of light pink flowers, each with a prominent crimson flair. From southern British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon, and west of the Cascade Mountains, rhododendrons typify this horticultural region. Learn how to easily and cheaply make a boxwood tree. These two almost indistinguishable cultivars may open in late January but, more commonly, flower in February or early March. Pacific Northwest Rhododendron 'Improvers': ... One of the best is named 'Elizabeth' for Queen Mother Elizabeth and introduced to English gardens just before World War II in 1939. J. M. Elite’ rhododendron (Rhododendron ‘P. of the member-only content library. Rhododendron ‘Anah Kruschke’. Bicolored flowers can be used to blend one color scheme into another, but plan carefully. Noyo Dream 2-3’, superbright pink with gorgeous foliage, early bloomer. How to Grow Pacific Rhododendron. ‘Naselle’. The Pacific Northwest and along the northern California fog belt are two prime locations. ‘Dreamland’ Rhododendrons and azaleas prefer slightly acid soils. For visual intensity, red undoubtedly adds the most drama to the landscape. ‘Fantastica’ Even when garden space is scarce, there is no reason not to make some small rhodies part of your collection. From Homepage May 3, 2002. They originate from coastal Japan and have adapted to the tough conditions of cold and salty seaside air. Rounding out the group is R. ‘Capistrano’ with blossoms of light greenish yellow that appear in late midseason. In this issue, Rick Peterson reviews the list of rhododendrons receiving the nod from the Rhododendron Advisory Group. This is a good selection for a more upright habit. A slow grower, dwarf purple rhododendron typically reaches 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide. Small Tough Rhododendrons: Aloha 2-3’, white with pink. The Pacific Northwest is natural rhododendron country. All this adds up to a perfect rhododendron formula. This shrub’s typical size is 4 feet tall and wide, but it can get larger. The same parentage also produced R. ‘Taurus’ with its distinctive deep red buds in winter and glowing red flowers with black speckles. ©Rainier Rhododendrons - Rhododendrons from Western Washington - 1.360.870.2139 The remainder flower later in May: R. ‘Trail Blazer’ with pink blossoms and a cranberry blotch, ‘Very Berry’ with large conical trusses of rosy red, and ‘Janet Blair’, which is embellished with golden bronze rays on light pink petals. Photo courtesy Ewing. Their long, curved leaves are covered in fine, fuzzy hairs called indumentum, which enhances their year-round beauty.