Model: .40 S&W Match Grade 4? Personally I want both so its a non issue. There are only a few names which come to mind when considering this option, Clint Beyer Barrels is one of those names. Here’s another one for you, though this one is a dedicated 22LR rifle and not just an upper. In the .22LR, you get all the velocity you will from high velocity loads in 12-14" of barrel. Original Savage metal buttplate with logo. Our aftermarket replacement for the .22LR bull barrel is the ultimate performer in accuracy. We’ve combined a RTB stainless steel .22LR bolt group with a .22LR 4.5” barrel to provide everything you’ll need for converting your upper to a dedicated .22 long rifle format in one convenient package. ? John at Keystone did the barrel & CMMG modification work Shilen Select Match Ratchet 4 22.5” barrel Compass Lake forearm Vortex Viper PST 4x16-50 EBR1 FFP Timney 4 lb. Our aftermarket replacement for the .22LR bull barrel is the ultimate performer in accuracy. The version I got from about two years ago was a kludge, in my opinion. The seller is “hausofarms-tc4me” and is located in Elizabeth, Colorado. Open Expanded View+ Click Image to Zoom Description; Perfect for building your custom dedicated 22LR AR15 upper group. Brno #1 action, single shot, Shilen Match 22LR barrel, match stock. The barrel and carrier slipped into an Aero Precision upper with a Parallax Tactical Slim 15” forend. There are plenty of other .22LR style AR rifles, however the Smith & Wesson M&P 15/22 Sport is packed with few pros that stands out to a lot of gun handlers. This bull barrel will slip into your Ruger® 10/22 ® receiver or … Shop CMMG, Inc 22LR Mk4 Barrel Kits w/ Bolt Group | Up to $31.46 Off 4.9 Star Rating on 39 Reviews for CMMG, Inc 22LR Mk4 Barrel Kits w/ Bolt Group Free 2 Day Shipping + Free Shipping over $49. I'm going to pick up a Douglas .22LR blank. If you were to look at a lot of the more modern 22LR match (3P) rifles, you would find that they have fairly short barrels with sight extensions (bloop tubes) attached. This leads to more accurate shooting in … AR-15 .22LR BARREL 16.1" Open Expanded View. Description Additional information Description . 22 LR SK Rifle Match quantity. Should I buy a dedicated 22lr barrel or just use the barrels I already have? I am probably going to get the 16" barrel … Consistent accuracy is the Holy Grail for any target shooter. Then I just have to find someone to duplicate the DPMS barrel but with a 20" HBAR profile. CMMG BRAVO .22 LR AR CONVERSION KIT WITH 3 MAGAZINES – 22BA651 – Best Premium AR-15 in .22LR Conversion Kit CMMG BRAVO is renowned for their well-produced conversion kits. Our barrel is bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany. Groups were shot with a 36x Leupold scpoe. If you want a .22LR replica of your favorite AR15 upper, you can build it in .22LR. AR Barrel Caliber: .40 S&W Twist Rate: 1:16 Thread Pitch: 5/8 – 24 Finish: Black Nitride Weight: 0.6 lbs SKU: BBL-40MG-4 Important Ordering Information on this Product However, I need to do some short range practice with a new scope I put on an upper with a $350 match grade barrel. LOP 13 1/4". 25" barrel with an excellent bore. I like to opt on the side of caution. Accuracy is affected by a multitude of factors – and rifling is just one of them. The first is to buy a dedicated 22 LR AR format rifle such as the S&W M&P15-22 or one of Umarex’s Colt 22 LR models. Our stainless steel material along with our unique manufacturing procedures guarantee that our match barrel will group 1/2" at 50 yards. In my opinion that's fine if you have an extra lower receiver that's not being utilized or you are shooting competitively and need the accuracy of a match barrel. Arms East Canada Firearm Importer Distributor and Manufacturer in Canada. For the purposes of this web site we will include all versions of .22 long rifle AR-15. This rifle shoots less than 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch and some smaller groups with Benchrest ammunition at 50 yards, Eley, Lapua...etc.