Therefore, aim for the all-natural treats. Natural antlers are very hard and therefore very durable. Get it as soon as Mon, Jun 1. The antlers are vacuum sealed and come to you perfectly clean. The toy can be filled with dog snacks and frozen to give your puppy even a more thrilling experience. N-Bone 6-Pack Puppy Teething Ring – MOST POPULAR. A cold toy provides even more relief for the painful teething process. These products are well-known favorites of numerous dog owners, but each dog is different. Even when it’s treat time, you can still offer your puppy these delicious treats and clean their plaque and tartar buildup. Balance their treats with their food. The toy is made from non-toxic and extremely durable nylon. Through gnawing on toys, puppies learn to manage their chewing instincts, explore the world around them, and alleviate the pain from teething. Mainly, though, they chew as a part of teething behavior. What are the best chew toys for puppies in their crates? Any toys with long fibers, sharp parts, or foam stuffing should be avoided. Some antler toys have been known to split into small fragments. We combed through our data from years worth of articles to discover which chews our readers clicked on and commented about most. Especially for a pup, you should also pay attention to your dog’s size and chewing habits. They are also made free of additives, hormones, and other unhealthy chemicals. Nylabone’s Edible Dog Chew Treat Bones for puppies come in 4 flavors: wild turkey, lamb & apple, sweet potato and turkey, and a special chicken & bacon combo they’ve creatively called the T-Rex variety. Especially since the company is founded on keeping the ingredient list down to a minimum number of one—the Best Bully Sticks are made from 100 percent all-natural beef. Your puppy will be much more motivated to chew on the toy if it dispenses treats. You can’t go wrong with these treats. Heading into the wide world of treats can be an overwhelming experience. Rawhide chews: This type of chew is actually a byproduct of the leather industry that is manipulated to be dried and twisted to make the chews. Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone – Best Budget. They keep your pup full since they are calorie-dense but might not last a long time if you have an avid chewer on your hands. These treats are veterinarian-recommended and accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) for dogs that are between 5-15 lbs. They provide teething puppies relief from the pain and urge to chew. Even if your dog is too small, you can easily just break up the stick.+  Available in mini and in large, so it grows as your dog grows.+  Great for oral health—it focuses on reducing plaque and tartar build-up. Bully sticks are great for the touch chewer. If you are looking for multiple flavors to try out, this is an excellent choice as it has plenty of options. Best Bully Sticks Premium Beef Trachea. 1. It’s good advice to pick up toys when you aren’t there to supervise for these reasons; however it is important to … 2 pencil, they are perfect for small to medium-sized breeds with a smaller bite or who have developed a chewing problem. Greenies Original TEENIE Dog Dental Chews Dog Treats. Dingo Peanut Butter Twist Sticks : Best All Around Rawhide Chew The Dingo Peanut Butter Twist Sticks earned top marks this week from our testing team members. Take a look at the features of the treats to see if they have that purpose. For training, you should choose small bitesize treats, and for activating your dog and maintaining oral health chewy treats is the option you should go for. To pick the top 3 best chew treats for puppies, we asked a few veterinarians and canine professionals for their opinions and recommendations. Pedigree Dentastix are a great option for puppies as they are soft, chewy and made with safe ingredients. Click here to find the best chew treats for puppies thoroughly reviewed to help you find the right product for your dog to keep him happy and healthy - and off that pair of sneakers. The number of dogs and puppies who die or sustain serious injuries due to small sharp pieces chipping of their toys continues to grow, and it’s something you should always keep in mind. This crucial period is where your fur baby is young enough to be able to mold in your own image—or at least try your best to nurture and care for him or her and teach them to avoid chewing on your favorite pair of Nikes! Best Toy for Aggressive Chewers NWK Freezeable Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy This non-toxic NWK puppy toy can be frozen to enable cooling relief over hours of … Every puppy loses his milk teeth before reaching the age of 8 months, and since the process of teething can get rather painful, puppies find relief in constant chewing. All dogs have an instinct to chew, so there is no point in scolding your puppy when it does so. Available in minty fresh and blueberry flavors. You will have to be extra diligent in avoiding feeding treats that have the potential for damaging those chompers. This makes it less likely they will chew on themselves or their crate as they get comfortable inside their crates for longer periods of time. This little trick works great on human babies who are teething, and it works like a charm on puppies too. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! You can squeeze the toothpaste inside the toothbrush for an even better effect. They target plaque and tartar, massage the gums, and help prevent inflammation, bleeding, and tooth decay.+  All size-dogs can enjoy them. Some toys even allow you to fill them with treats that they will dispense gradually, which will help your pup enjoy the toy even more.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'smartdogstuff_com-leader-1','ezslot_6',113,'0','0'])); There are several things that can be bad for your puppy when included in a chew toy, so always try and find a toy that doesn’t contain any of the following: BPA is a dangerous chemical that has been banned by most reputable dog toy manufacturers but can still be found in some of the cheapest toys in the market. And of course, only treat your dog with one treat a day! Best Seller in Dog Dental Sticks. +  Extremely digestible. However, when the chew toy is too hard, it can not only hurt the delicate teeth and gums of your puppy, but also make him lose interest completely. They are made with beef hide. And just about everyone has a personal pick for their dog, no matter what they hear to the contrary. Chew toys have a very clear purpose of helping your puppy through the teething process and preventing your valuables from being destroyed. Deer or elk antlers are a cleaner option for puppy chews, unlike rawhides of bully sticks. Oneisall Indestructible Pet Chew Bone Toy, Jim Hodges Dog Training Elk Antlers For Dogs, Things to Consider when Buying Puppy Toys, How to Keep the Puppy Interested in Chew Toys, The Best Personalized Gifts for Dog Owners, Why Do Dogs Like to Be Pet and How to Do It Right, At What Age Do Puppies Stop Growing: Find It Out to Make Sure Your Dig Is Growing Right, What Do Dogs Think About – Scientific and Dogs’ Owners Perspective, How to Control Dog Shedding – Your Ultimate Guide Plus Life Hacks for This Period. If you're looking for the perfect chew treat or stick to give your dogg-o so they learn the right way and will keep them occupied for hours (hopefully), try out our top three brands: Since these treats are about the size of a No. Pedigree Dentastix Toy/Small Dog Treats, 3. Although they don't have the risk of digestive blockage, you should still limit your young pup to just one per day. Then we compiled the data in order of popularity to reveal your all-time favorite chews. Placing your dog on a diet is already tough enough—so choosing the perfect, low-fat, low-cal treat to give him or her shouldn't be hard! The stick may be too large and contain too much energy, although can probably get away with breaking it up in two as one of our vets suggested. Although parent instincts do kick in, the best chew treats for puppies thoroughly reviewed, Quick pick! More Info: We’re here to help you find the best dog bones for puppies. These natural puppy treats have no added salt or sugar, and there are … Before offering a teething toy to your dog, put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. When it comes to puppies, you should make sure the treats are soft and small enough. These rawhide-free treats are packed with vitamins and minerals, and encourages your dog to chew, which in turn helps their teeth. Although these treats are popular, our vets recommended another type of chew treat for small puppies. The Gnawtlers are unprocessed and don’t leave any mess or color even when your pup chews it for hours. To save you the trouble of going out to buy a new toy every time your puppy destroys the old one, Youngever offers a value pack of 8 high-quality chewing toys: Nylabone is one of the best known names in the pet supply industry, and their puppy teething toys are always a good choice. Founded in Kansas City, with ingredients from around the world, GREENIES is a brand that has been in production of dog and cat treats since 1996. Training your dog and caring for their dental hygiene using dog chews and treats can be extremely beneficial.